Happy New Year 2022

1 January 2022   sitenew year   Permalink

I wrote last year that 2020 was a weird and difficult year, and 2021 doubled down on that. The year was very busy work-wise, but there was a relentless quality to the pandemic as Covid ebbed and flowed that ground down my enthusiasm. I’ve always tried to use social media to highlight positive news, but that approach took a battering last year, especially as politics continued to diverge from reality.

It’s now 22 months since I travelled outside the UK - by far the longest period since university. Although air travel is not exactly sustainable, my experiences travelling for work and pleasure have been very formative, and the sudden halt with few signs of recovery has required some mental readjustment.

Obviously I didn’t post here as often as I wanted. I’m hoping to improve on that in 2022, and have a very full slate this year.

Take care of yourselves and be kind.